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8Thermal and Mechanical behaviour of Nano Cements and their Application in Steel Construction as Fire Protection NANOFIRE | POCI-01-0145-FEDER-31850 | Total Budget 237,972.85 € | Duration: From 26/07/2018 to 25/07/2021 OngoingN/A
7European pre-QUALified steel JOINTS EQUALJOINTS: European pre-QUALified steel JOINTS | RFSR-CT-2013-00021 | Total Budget 1.642.713 € | EU Contribution 985.628 € Finished page
6High strength long span structures HILONG: High strength long span structures | RFSR-CT-2012-00028 | Total Budget 1.602.389 € | EU Contribution 922.797 € Finished N/A
5TaperSteel – Stability design of non-uniform steel membersTaperSteel – Stability design of non-uniform steel members | PTDC/ECM-EST/1970/2012 | Total Budget: 118.952,00 € Finished N/A
4Fatigue and capacity analysis of welded tubular K joints Study stress distribution around the joint and compare with CIDECT manual.
Check effect of filling chord with plane concrete on fatigue capacity.
Finished N/A
3Heat transfer analysis of steel connections with fire protection 3D Heat transfer analysis for determining temperature distribution on connection and bolts for CHS columns connected to steel I beams with different type of connections.
Study effect of coat back length when exposed to standard fire.
Finished N/A
2Simplified Thermal and Structural Analysis Methods for Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Steel Studs in Wall Panels Exposed to Fire from One Side My thesis investigates the thermal and structural performance of cold-formed thin-walled steel structures in wall panel construction exposed to fire. I have developed two methods: first method is for calculating ultimate capacity of thin-walled steel columns/studs with non-uniform temperature distributions in the cross-section and second method is for calculating temperature distribution in the thickness of the wall panel included gypsum boards, steel studs and thermal insulation. (Abaqus Unified FEA for heat transfer and structural analysis and MATLAB has been used in this research for validation and implementation of the methods) Finished N/A
1Efficiency of Post-Tensioning Approach in Design of Bridges N/A Finished N/A