Prestressed Stayed Columns Buckling Load Tool (updated to version 2.0)

A simple tool/function has been developed using MATLAB for determining elastic buckling load of prestressed stayed steel columns and finding the critical buckling mode (symmetric or antisymmetric). This function has been updated recently with general improvements. This function uses geometrical and material properties of core/main column, cross-arm and cable/stay system as an input then determines elastic buckling curves based on analytical procedure proposed in 1980’s.

For further information related to analytical methods for determining elastic buckling load and ultimate load of prestressed stayed steel column, and literature review of research studies for such columns please read following paper:

Miguel Serra, Ashkan Shahbazian, Luís Simões da Silva, Liliana Marques, Carlos Rebelo, Pedro Colmar Gonçalves da Silva Vellasco (2015) A full scale experimental study of prestressed stayed columns, Engineering Structures, Volume 100, Pages 490-510.

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